Hair Transplantation

Our center, with an experienced team that has been working in the field of hair care for many years, is successfully practicing hair transplantation and therapies by applying the most modern techniques and that give you a natural look. Our goal is to provide people with hair problems the best service with the highest quality and comfort.

Get your natural hair look with our professional hair transplantation team!

All operations are performed in Istanbul / Turkey.

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Abel Palau

The results are perfect.

"Hello, I'm Abel Palau, I came from Spain, Valencia and today I had an operation at Anatomica Clinic. This experience went very well for me. I've been thinking about coming to Turkey before but I didn't have enough courage. Then they explained everything well enough for me and at the end I'm here. Until now the results are perfect. Let's see in a month how it's going to be!"

Abel Palau, Spain

Hair Treatment

In situations where the hair thin or loses its strength, which is physiological structures of the hair, the hair is strengthened by injections in the hair. Hair Mesotherapy and P.R.P. are among the most commonly used methods.

The PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) applied to hair is the process of repairing hair follicles and hair roots, by using the materials in your own blood. Within a short period of time, it has been shown that this method is one of the best medical treatment methods for hair loss.

Eyebrow transplantation

Eyebrow transplantation is the process of transferring hair follicles from the area between the two ears (donation area) to the eyebrows. The eyebrow transplantation is a painless procedure with local anesthesia which is carried out in a short time and with satisfactory results.

Beard and Mustache Transplantation

For beard and mustache problems, there is still no treatment for getting new hair in hairless areas. For this reason, the best method is the transfer process. By applying the FUE technique to the areas with regional thin hair, hair loss or scars, a more aesthetic appearance can be achieved.

About Us

Hair transplantation, because it is an application that requires detailed, accurate, and medical hardware, you should make a good choice with regard to the center performing the operation.

In our center, our specialists will discuss your expectations, proper procedure for transplantation, process before and after the hair transplant during your appointment.

Our experienced team firstly determines the causes of hair loss with a detailed examination and offers you the appropriate treatment. All our operations take place in operating room under doctor supervision. Hygiene and professionalism are two important factors that we place a great emphasis on in hair transplantation operations.

You can regain your natural and healthy hair again. Our experts answer all your questions about hair transplantation. Please fill in the form to get detailed information about our hair transplantation from our specialists.

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Why should I choose Anatomica Hair Transplantation Clinic?

Professional Team

Get your natural hair look with our professional hair transplantation team!

FUE Method

The healing process is fast and the procedures after transplantation are therefore more comfortable.

Clinic & Operating Room Environment

All of our operations are performed in the operating room under the supervision of a doctor

Doctor Supervision

All operations are performed under the supervision of a doctor.

Patient Satisfaction

Your expectations, the type of transplantation that is right for you, as well as the process before and after the hair transplant, are discussed in detail with you.

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Hair Transplantation Process

Your expectations, the type of transplantation that is right for you, as well as the process before and after the hair transplant, are discussed in detail with you.

The most important part of the hair implant process is planning. In the planning phase, many questions such as how many grafts are transplanted to the patient, where they are to be transplanted, how many sessions are to be performed, which blood tests are required, and whether or not the opinion of another physician is required will be clarified.

Visual Planning

After the general planning phase, the visual planning process is started. Here, photos are taken from many angles for the patient's photo archive. Once the graft distribution planning is drawn to the scalp with pen, it needs to be photographed again. Good planning provides a relaxing operation for the patient and the doctor.

Operation: 1st phase

The first phase takes about an hour. This process begins with shaving the hair in the back head. Reason; The hair is shortened by 0.3 mm so that the hair roots can be taken individually by the hair transplant robot or the micromotor in the donor area. The area where hair follicles are taken will be anesthetized with local anesthetics. During this procedure, which is performed with a special needle, the patient does not feel pain, and it takes about 3 to 5 minutes for the related areas to be anesthetized. The patient who does not feel pain during the operation does not have to use painkillers after operation.

Operation: 2nd phase

In the second stage, the hair roots to be used are obtained from the donor area. This phase lasts approximately for 3 hours. Hair roots are transplanted individually with the micro-motor. A 0.6-0.8 punch should be used at the top of the micro-motor for the extraction of the hair roots

After taking the hair roots, to be easily counted, they are placed in groups of 100 in a special solution. Before proceed to 3rd phase, a meal and WC break is usually given.

Operation: 3rd phase

This phase in which the hair roots that were obtained from a region are planted into the treated area is also the last section of the operation and lasts about 3 hours. This phase of the transplantation of the operation also produces the hairline (line) at the same time. A final evaluation of the hair follicles to be transplanted is made with the patient. For the area in which the transplantation of the hairline will take place, complete local anesthetics are used. After the calculation of the diameter of the hair roots and the necessary depths of the hair roots, the side slit prepared especially for the hair roots and the channel of the hair roots is opened. The opening of the canal is the most important step in hair transplantation.

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