Hair Transplantation In Turkey

13 years of experience and over 50.000 International Patients.

Benefits of Choosing Anatomica Hair Transplantation Clinic

You can restore your natural and healthy hair. Our specialists answer your questions about hair transplantation. Fill out the form to receive detailed information about our hair implants from our specialists.

All Inclusive Hair Transplantation Package In Turkey

Accommodation 2 nights in the hotel
VIP transfer for all your transports
Translator present at the clinic
Hair analysis
Control of blood levels
Deployment with FUE technology
PRP session after deployment
Treatments + medication + adapted cushion
Check after implementation

Anatomica Clinic

  • Latest hair implantation techniques
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate
  • High quality technology and continuous training.
  • Latest technologies

Why do a hair transplant in Istanbul?

  • The main objective of health tourism in Europe.
  • Prices 3 times cheaper compared to England
  • The most booked country in Europe
  • Specialized team

Expert Team Of Anatomica Clinic

Dr. Ömer Cenker ILICALI
Dr. Ömer Cenker ILICALIMedical Director
Hacer ERAYHANHair Restoration Clinic Coordinator
Gökben ACAR
Gökben ACARHair Restoration Clinic Responsible
Yeşim GÜLENAYInternational Patient Counselor (English)

Hair Transplantation

Our center, with an experienced team that has been working in the field of hair care for many years, is successfully practicing hair transplantation and therapies by applying the most modern techniques and that give you a natural look. Our goal is to provide people with hair problems the best service with the highest quality and comfort.


Hair transplantation expert in Turkey

The coordinator hair transplantation clinic HACER ERAYHAN, explains how the transplantation phase works.


Before / After of Hair Transplantation

Our Clinic

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You can regain your natural and healthy hair again. Our experts answer all your questions about hair transplantation. Please fill in the form to get detailed information about our hair transplantation from our specialists.