How painful is the operation? Will I feel pain after?
Hair transplantation is almost painless. Generally you feel only the entry of the needle (the same like at the dentist’s). There won’t be any pain in the next process as the numbness starts.

How visible is the post-op scar?
After hair transplantation, there is no visible scar in the extraction area. The existing scar can also be hidden easily because it is covered with hair. Before operation, pictures of before and after will help you get relieved about the scar.

When does my hair start to grow?
After operation, the first signs of growth will take a certain time due to the natural growth cycle of the hair. Between 15 and 20 days after implantation, the shafts begin to fall out. Implanted hair begins to come out around the third month. Approximately 60 percent of the result can be seen at the 6th month, 90 percent at the 9th months. At the end of the first year, the growth process is completed.

What are the advantages of choosing hair transplantation in Turkey?
Hair transplantation is an expensive operation in Europe and USA. People who consider hair transplantation, go for countries like Turkey due to reliability of results, persistence and appropriateness of the cost. Because hair transplantation is a medical procedure, the criteria should be hygiene and professionalism more than the cost. In particular, countries with developed cultural and touristic aspects such as Turkey, are able to add city tours to accommodation and VIP transfer service inclusive packages. In addition, procedures such as PRP, which accelerate the hair growth and supports the hair follicles, can also be included in the package after hair transplantation. Turkey is good enough at this field that our experts provide hair transplantation seminars and trainings overseas as well.