Hair Transplantation Stages at Anatomica

1. Application and Arrival

When our candidates from abroad reach us through our website, social media, forums, Whatsapp or telephone, our patient consultant speaks to them in their own language and asks them for pictures from both sides, front, top and back of the head. This way, our experts; make a correct orientation after defining the suitability of the hair for operation, how wide the opening is and which areas can be implanted. At this stage, our candidate is informed about what to expect at our centre. As they will need approximately 3 days fort he whole procedure, they are advised to set their permit and travel plans accordingly.
Hotel reservation done by our centre. When the candidate lands in Istanbul, our drivers meet them at the airport and transport them to the hotel in our VIP vehicles. The next day, we pick them up from the hotel and bring them to our centre.

2. Interview and Planning

When the candidate arrives at our centre, they are welcomed by our team and then taken for examination. The expectations of the candidate, the most suitable implantation, pre and post operation process is discussed in detail.
Good planning is important fort he success of hair transplantation. At this stage, many issues related to the operation are clarified. After the completion of this stage, the photos of the candidate are taken in order to have before and after photos for comparison.

3. Operation

1st Stage
After the necessary examinations are made, 1st stage starts. This stage takes about 1.5 hours. The process starts by shaving the hair. The area where hair follicles will be extracted is anesthetized with local anaesthetic drugs. For minimal pain while applying the local anaesthesia, a special needle is used. Grafts extracted using a punch – picked according to the case – are kept in a special solution.

2nd Stage
In the second stage, the person’s frontal hair line is redefined and local anaesthesia is applied to the selected area. Following this procedure, channels are opened in the area where the grafts will be implanted. The channels opening process is one of the most important parts of hair transplantation, since it defines how natural looking the hair is going to be.

3rd Stage
After opening the channels, the grafts, which are kept in a special solution, are carefully implanted into the channels. After the procedure is completed, the area where the hair follicles were extracted is carefully bandaged and our guest is rested for a certain period of time. After a general examination is done and the needed instructions and medications are given, our guest is dropped off at the hotel with our VIP vehicles.

4. Post-Operation Process

On the next day of the operation, our guest comes to our centre and general examination for the removal of the bandage. If our guest will still be in Istanbul on the 3rd day of operation, they come to our centre again. The hair gets washed by our team, they explain how to wash the hair for a certain time and all the rules that have to be followed. Then our guest is transported to the airport by our transfer team.